Resiliency 1 to 1

What is Personal Resiliency?

Personal resiliency is the ability to change and adapt to whatever life gives you. It’s learning to surf rather than trying to control or predict the ocean waves. It’s always finding a way forward. It’s getting stronger and leaning into the opportunities to grow and see what you’re really made of.

Cynthia offers one on one personal resiliency sessions to select individuals. Using a wide array of techniques, she will guide you through discovering where and why you lack resiliency and help you to find ways to strengthen your ability to thrive in the changing world.

Every session is as unique as the individual experiencing it. We work together to find ways to strengthen you physically, emotional, spiritually and intellectually using a wide array of techniques.

If you:

  • Feel personally depleted and discouraged
  • Feel overwhelmed by life
  • Want to change course and don’t know how
  • Know there is a way forward but can’t quite find it
  • Are ready to grow into the next version of yourself
  • Want to be a resource to help yourself, your community and the world
  • Are  ready to face the things holding you back
  • Know that there is more to you but you just can’t find it

then you can benefit from 1 to 1 with Cynthia. A ten-minute conversation will tell us both whether this is right for you. Click here to schedule a free initial consultation. 

If you have already spoken with Cynthia and she agrees that you are ready for a 1 to 1 session, please click here to schedule.


Experiencing a session with Cynthia Schaefer was quite a unique experience, and I look forward to the next session. It began as an introspective exercise and it ended with a strong sense of clarity and empowerment. Afterwards, I enjoy going back into the daily grind feeling revitalized physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and psychologically. Just as nurturing as it is nourishing- I would absolutely recommend you head to her whether you are working out a healing process or you are looking for a refreshing cathartic experience.  -Gaby P. 

I was stuck. I knew it was time to make a change but I didn’t know what needed to change.  My husband, my kids, my job-nothing was working and my misery was making everyone else miserable.  After a few sessions I was able to see that I needed to change a few small things and then the big changes just happened because I was ready for them. I always walk away from a session with an aha! moment. My husband and kids joke now about sending me on a “Cynthia vacation” whenever they want me to try something new. I’m not afraid anymore and that is everything for me.  -Elizabeth J.


FAQ’s for Personal Resiliency

How do I become more resilient? Resiliency is a learned behavior. It’s a specific thought process that becomes a habitual response. It’s a way of approaching challenges that make us more effective.

How do I benefit from being more resilient?  Personal resiliency is personal power. It gives you confidence, and helps alleviate anxiety and stress. People who have personal resiliency thrive because they are able to respond to and work with changing circumstance. As your personal resiliency grows, you’ll find life becomes easier, happier and more satisfying.

Why do I need personal resiliency now? The changes in the way we live, work and face the changing climate and economies will continue, and perhaps accelerate. The ability to adapt is critical.

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