Cynthia Schaefer

Cynthia flourishes in her own rich urban paradise in Davie, Florida. As founder and facilitator of the South Florida Edible Landscaping and Sustainability meetup Cynthia has been passionately sharing information and plants in South FL for years.  

In 2016, she launched www.growsocial.org, a web platform that brings resilient community together.

In 2017, after 23 years as a financial advisor, she turned her business over to a trusted associate  to concentrate full time on sustainability and resiliency. 

She believes passionately that we can move forward into the “good old days” where most people had food growing on their land.  As we get closer to the garden, we get closer to our peace and prosperity.

Cynthia relies on the system that the planet provides to create abundance in her yard and her life. You will learn how to design your own rich urban paradise, one that encourages Mother Nature to do most of the work. If you don’t yet have space for a garden, you will learn how to apply these principles to your own life to nourish and enrich your life. Not long after, you will know the empowerment of her motto:




Heart, home, health.  Spirit, laughter, care, comfort, love.

This is Cynthia’s home, this is Cynthia.  Oh yeah – intelligent, informed, interesting, relevant conversation – that’s abundant here too.

In fact, the adjective ‘abundant’ – you can add it to all words I mentioned above and know that’s what you find at Cynthia’s home. 

I moved away from here almost 3 years ago for work reasons, and I come here to her home (where I am writing this) and get nourished.  The fabulous food that she prepares largely from the bounty of her garden, the spa room that helps to reset my psyche and soul, the conversation, the intuition that sees me and knows what I need to hear – not in terms of telling me what I want to hear (Oh no!) – but the information that comes from somewhere else – the universe perhaps – and that serves me in my path forward.  And comforts me. And rescues me when I need it. 

I love hanging around Cynthia.  The way she appreciates me makes me appreciate myself.  I am so impressed with her food forest – you can’t help but feel nourished and healthier just by being here.  There is abundant natural life all around her.  If we want she will teach us how to feed ourselves, mind, body and spirit, and maybe more importantly give us the love and respect that helps us to lead ourselves, mind, body and spirit. 

Perhaps these sentences are not grammatically correct – but some things don’t fit into the norm.  Like Cynthia.  If you want to learn how to grow what you need to feed yourself – find Cynthia. 

-Patricia M.

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