Cynthia flourishes in her own verdant urban paradise in Davie, Florida. As founder and facilitator of the South Florida Edible Landscaping and Sustainability meet up. Cynthia has been passionately sharing information and plants in South FL for years.

Cynthia is an herbalist, a homesteader, a beekeeper and a steadfast supporter of community

Community work

Through the meet up group, she has helped launch:

Gleaning for Good, a group dedicated to stopping food waste and feeding the hungry. They partner with www.endhunger.org and in the 3 years of operation they have gleaned thousands of pounds of backyard fruit that otherwise would have rotted on the ground and redirected it to food banks. In 2020 alone they have gleaned 10,700 lbs by October 1.

Hope Outreach Food Bank Garden, currently in their second year of providing fresh, organically grown food to Hope Outreach and other food banks.

A food forest, banana circle and butterfly garden at the new Davie Community garden where they are demonstrating growing methods in order to have a vibrantly alive classroom to teach gardening, sustainability and ways to prepare the food that is grown.

TCC Sprouts, a fledging micro-lending and mentor program to help those looking to start tiny, part time businesses like worm farms, food garden installations and other activities that can be started on a part time basis and help our community to have more access to local food.

A community cookbook for some of the less common foods that are able to be grown prolifically in our area. When we drop off freshly harvested chaya, sweet potato vine, katuk, cassava leaves or any of the other unique foods we provide the recipients with a basic “how to” page and some simple recipes. This project is still in process, and eventually we hope to create an e-book that can be sold as a fundraiser.

Cynthia is co-founder of www.thecaringcommunity.love a small nonprofit that serves as the umbrella for these community projects. 

The Caring Community began with a primary mission to support local school teachers by providing Self-Care Stations filled with herbal teas, rescue remedy and information on how to manage stress. This mission is ongoing but has changed form slightly as it is no longer feasible to send volunteers into the schools for a monthly refill of the stations. Instead, we package up the refills for school employees who are already going into the schools.

Cynthia’s offerings include herbal consultations, herbal medicines and herbal classes.You can find these and more on our products page. She also offers organic, freeze dried fruit, veggies and complete meals.

Cynthia relies on the system that the planet provides to create abundance in her yard and her life. You will learn how to design your own rich urban paradise, one that encourages Mother Nature to do most of the work.

If you don’t yet have space for a garden, you will learn how to apply these principles to your own life to nourish and enrich your life. Not long after, you will know the empowerment of her motto: